The way of the Exportation of Condensed Milk

We are ready to export.





In Quinalac Ltda we bet on the constant growth and innovation, that’s why we always improve processes, management systems, and invest in technology, fundamental activities for the growth of our company. This approach has been achieved by a professional team prepared in different sectors.

Our strategic allies, distributors and consumers, have the support in each of our products, with the technical characteristics and certifications also indispensable, to fulfill a new destiny towards the United States.

The international business plan has the prospective that refers to each line of the company, facilitating the vision of success and the approach with a new market. The quality and specific characteristics of our flagship product, Milkissima condensed milk, is undoubtedly a reference for competitors in the world’s most important market, the United States standing out in terms of exports. 

In this way, a new opportunity was projected, through the visible growth of dairy products in the world’s largest economy. Since 2017, commercial links have been established to expand the market, increase sales and achieve greater participation for the new year.

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