Sweetened condensed milk

The sweet touch Milkissima

Offering the customer differences and qualities in the product is essential to gain their trust and loyalty. Milkissima has special features and that touch to stand out from in the market.

For each date of the year, Quinalac Ltda offers delicious options in the production of dairy products. For excellence, sweetened condensed milk is the best company for chefs and lovers of gastronomy. We know that desserts will have a better time with family and friends, so the creaminess that only Milkissima offers will make all the guests smile.

Our commitment manages to go beyond ensuring a delicious flavor, through the application of good practices in the manufacturing process and with the indispensable care in production, conservation, presentation and national and international distribution of condensed Milk, Milkissima we offer the consumer the guarantee of being a certified product. Health registration number RSA-001220-2016.

For years, the culinary path of chefs seems to have reached a higher level of creativity, an essential ingredient for connoisseurs and creators of the new culinary art in desserts and pastry products. Undoubtedly, the most desired dishes are easier than Milkissima’s nutrients in the list of ingredients.

Milkissima condensed milk is ideal as an input in final products and by choice in foods preferred by consumers and distributors. We have an exportable offer of 20 to 40 ton / month initially, up to 100 ton / month.

You can now get the best of your meals with the Milkissima product, its practicality and facilitator components as well as conservation for longer times making it your best ally.

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